Temperature Humidity Chamber(Wide Humidity)


Temperature Humidity Chamber (Wide Humidity)-GPL-4D

Temperature Humidity Chamber(Wide Humidity)

The product is green and environment-friendly, saving energy and consumption.Suitable for a broad range of applications from high and low temperature alternating Testing, to humidity Testing,which widely used in aviation, automotive, electronic parts, materials, energy, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical and other industries.
Temperature and humidity control can reach 10℃/20%rh, 40℃/10%rh,which is your best choose for Wide Humidity Testing.




1.Maintain the advantages of GP series

· Color LCD touch panel (N-instrumentation).

· Two types of program instrumentation to suit different applications:Standard Instrumentation and M-Instrumentation.

· Register Up to 40 program operation patterns and three constant operation(Program /Constant/Cycle Operation) patterns of tests.

· Balanced Temperature (& Humidity)Control system(BT(H)C system)and PID control function.

· Interface (option)for device communication can be selected between RS-485, GPIB,Web Lan and RS-232C.

· Multilingual display - English , Japanese,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese , Korean(Russian as option).

· USB output of trend graph data.

· Cable ports on both sides (θ50) as standard to allow easy wiring access.

· Core parts are inported from Japan and America,which are same with the ESPEC CORP.

2.Using the compressed air+desiccant drying method to balance the humidity, fast and efficient.

3.Small humidifier humidifying, could reduce interference and control stably.

4.Temperature and humidity control can reach 10℃/20%rh, 40℃/10%rh.


Description Model Temp. Range Hum. Control Hum. range rh Volume Inside dimensions in mm (WxHxD) Outside dimensions in mm (excl. projection)
Temperature Humidity Chamber(Wide Humidity) GPL-4D -40~+180℃ YES 10%~98%rh 784L 1000 x 980 x 800 1200 x 1840[1965] x 1625