Compact Ultra Low Temperature Chamber


Compact Ultra Low Temperature Chamber-GMC-71

Compact Ultra Low Temperature Chamber

High performance and reliability in a compact package covers from an ultra-low temperature of -70°C to +180°C. Thanks to N-Instrument and its optional Ethernet connection, you can control and monitor the chamber remotely via web browser.




1.Color LCD touch panel (N-instrumentation)

2.WideTemperature range

Available models: a chamber with a temperature range from -70°C to +180°C . It can be used for various tests including temperature characteristic and low temperature storage.

3.Balanced Temperature Control system(BTC system)and PID control function.

Using the Balanced Temperature Control system(BTC system) to control,provides hightly accurate temperature/humidity environment.Consisting of PID controlled refrigerrator,and N instrumentation,which delivers hight speed processing.

4.Remote monitoring & control (Ethernet connection)

A unique web application allows the user to monitor the chamber operation from a PC. Without any software, the chamber can be accessed and controlled via web browser on the PC, Smartphone, and Tablet. Wireless connection and multiple units' connection are also possible.

* This operation can only be performed when the power breaker is "ON"

5.USB port for data memory & output

Trend graphs can be displayed on the web application, downloaded, and registered on a USB memory.

* USB memory is not included.

6.Backtrace function

When the chamber stops because of trouble,the operation status just before the chamber stops is automatically recorded and saved.Saved data can be transferred by USB memory.

7.Multilingual display

A simple operation changes display text to English , Japanese,Simplified Chinese (Russian as option).

8.Register up to 8 test patterns setting with maximum of 99 steps and 3 constant operation modes(Program /Constant/Cycle Operation).

9.Cable port on right sides (θ50) as standard to allow easy wiring access

10.Core parts are inported from Japan and America,which are same with the ESPEC CORP.


Description Model Temp. Range Hum. Control Hum. range rh Volume Inside dimensions in mm (WxHxD) Outside dimensions in mm (excl. projection)
Compact Ultra Low Temperature Chamber GMC-71 -70~+180℃ NO —— 64L 400X400X400 900X1200X610