Temperature Chamber-GPH series(Horizontal type)


Temperature Chamber

Temperature Chamber-GPH-20

Temperature Chamber-GPH-H30

Temperature Chamber-GPH series(Horizontal type)

Our temperature Chambers are suitable for a broad range of applications from high-temperature testing, to heat treatment or drying for production lines,which widely used in aviation, automotive, electronic parts, materials, energy, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical and other industries.




1.High performance chamber

A temperature-indication controller with an advanced PID operation, and a special chamber configuration provide unmatched oven performance. Temperature uniformity, temperature constancy, temperature heat-up rate, and temperature recovery time are performed with the upmost reliability.

2.Several volumes are available in horizontal models.

3.Two types of program instrumentation to suit different applications:Standard Instrumentation and M-Instrumentation.

Standard Instrumentation:features programmed operation with operational settings such as constant mode and automatic start/stop. Suitable for heat treatment, drying, and similar production-line applications.

M-Instrumentation:Suitable for a range of applications from temperature-characteristics testing to heat treatment and drying. Programmed operation now allows storing 10 patterns, each up to 20 steps. Provides a wide range of functions, including temperature ramp settings and a maximum of 999 repeat cycles.

4.Easy setup with on-screen display.

5.Interface (option)for device communication can be selected between RS-485 and RS-232C.

6.Energy Saver Duct (PH series)

Energy saving approximately 20% by heat recycling from exhaust through the duct to maintain temperature while damper opens (PH series).

7.Safety measure

Triple safety mechanisms are employed for excessive overheating.

8.Core parts are inported from Japan and America,which are same with the ESPEC CORP.


Description Model Temp. Range Hum. Control Hum. range rh Volume Inside dimensions in mm (WxHxD) Outside dimensions in mm (excl. projection)
Temperature Chamber(horizontal) GPH-20 (RT+20℃)~+200℃ NO 216L 600×600×600 1190×970×785
Temperature Chamber(horizontal) GPH-30 (RT+20℃)~+200℃ NO 512L 800×800×800 1500×1210×1065
Temperature Chamber(horizontal) GPH-40 (RT+20℃)~+200℃ NO 1000L 1000×1000×1000 1730×1480×1275
Temperature Chamber(horizontal) GPH-H20 (RT+20℃)~+300℃ NO 216L 600×600×600 1190×970×785
Temperature Chamber(horizontal) GPH-H30 (RT+20℃)~+300℃ NO 512L 800×800×800 1500×1210×1065
Temperature Chamber(horizontal) GPH-H40 (RT+20℃)~+300℃ NO 1000L 1000×1000×1000 1730×1480×1275

※The temperature chamber's performance values are based on GB/T5170.2,and IEC60068-3-5.And humidity chamber's performance values are based on GB/T5170.5 and IEC60068-3-6.Performance figures aregiven for a +23℃ ambient temperature, relative humidity 65±20% RH, rated voltage, with no specimens inside the test area.